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CBM 25-2 Concrete Block machine , 200x400x200 Concrete block can be produced 10 units one press , or 25 pcs interlock stones can be produced in a press.


BLOCK ( 200x400x200) 10 pcs
BLOCK ( 150x400x200) 12 pcs

INTERLOCK PAVE STONE (193x168x80) 25 pcs

For customers who want to produce single-aggregate concrete paving stones with briquettes, pavements and some special blocks, the model is produced as a single bunker where the thin mortar area is not used in compliance with the demands of our customers.

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    CBM 25-2 General Information

    • CBM 25-2 Concrete Pave stone and Block Machine operates semi-automatically under operator control. If desired, it can also be manufactured full automatic with PLC control.
    • It produces all sorts of prefabricated concrete elements such as parquet stones, curbstones, briquettes and grass stones swiftly by only interchanging the mold.
    • The main chassis of our machine is produced from high strength steel. With its strong body structure, it is heavier, more durable and long-lasting in comparison to the equivalent machines on the market.
    • Owing to the special cooling system in our machine, smooth and continuous operation is ensured. In this way, it is aimed to get the highest efficiency from our machine. High speed and heat resistant roller bearings are used in the vibrators.
    • The control panel of our machine is designed ergonomically for the convenience of operators. All materials used in the panel area are made by SCHNEIDER (German).
    • The hydraulic systems of our machines are strictly tested before getting assembled to the machine. A separate cooling system exists for the hydraulic system. The hydraulic cooling system ensures zero labor loss. You will get the same speed and performance from the machine the minute you start the engine and at the end of 24 hours of nonstop operation.
    • The hydraulic pistons used in our machine are processed in CNC machines. In this way, it is convenient for heavy-duty, long-lasting and durable.
    • The molds of our machines are tailored in CNC machines. Our molds are manufactured using special materials resistant to abrasion.