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20 Eylül 2021 How Does Concrete Batching Plant Work?

How Does a Concrete Plant Work? What is the main equipment needed for work? The facility where ready-mixed concrete, which is produced by mixing aggregate, cement, or various additives made of materials such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone, is filled into trucks or trans mixers is called a concrete plant.

Main Parts Constituting the Plant

The main parts that make up the concrete plant are the aggregate weighing band, mixer feeding band, aggregate bunker, the main chassis group where the mixer is located, cement, silo, and equipment, and the automation that runs the plant.

It has 4 different varieties. The most frequently used are;

Mobile concrete batching plants with easy installation feature used in short-term projects and frequent location changes;
Fixed concrete batching plants designed to produce high-quality concrete for use in long-term projects are among the most frequently used.
In addition, compact concrete batching plants that can be easily transported to long distances with their easy installation and low cost are among the frequently used concrete batching plants in our country.

Provides Many Advantages

Compact concrete batching plants, which can be easily installed in narrow areas and are much more economical to transport, also provide many different advantages. All products included in the concrete plant designed for concrete with the desired properties contain all the materials required for ready mixed concrete. All the equipment required at what rate and how the products should be mixed or at what standards are located in the plant.

Tested from the First Stage

In addition to the materials required for concrete production, the ratio of the materials to be used is determined by the equipment, and after these processes, mixtures are provided and ready-mixed concrete is obtained. The concrete batching plant’s working principle, working system and working mechanism are both easy and practical. It is tested from the first stage against all possible negativities, and it is aimed to operate the system and the machine system at the same time and with the same efficiency. In this way, a harmonious system is revealed, although all concrete batching plants have different working systems, they work by presenting a proportion and a system.

Production Requires Experience

The biggest feature of mobile concrete plants is that they aim to create problem-free concrete by adding unencrypted products at the same level and at the same rate.

How does a concrete plant work? The conditions of the area where the concrete batching plant needs to be established, the production of which requires experience, professionalism and regular research and development, should be determined very well. The capacities of the equipment that make up the system of the plant should be in harmony with each other. If these are not met, disruptions in the production phase may cause poor quality in concrete production. If a mixer of more than 1 cubic meter is used in an ideal concrete plant, this should generally be a twin shaft mixer.

It’s the Mixer That Matters

The mixer occupies less space in terms of volume compared to the pan mixer with a high capacity, but it ensures that the high-capacity mixture is mixed in an ideal way. The type of mixer and the quality and suitability of the electrical automation system that should be considered at the stage of how to use the concrete plant. Forms to be used for loadcells that are produced in many forms and carry out the weighing process are determined according to the way of use.

Wrong Weighing Means Poor Quality Concrete

While the S type loadcell is used for the raw material on the under-bunker band, the weighing of the mixture in the mixer is carried out with a lama type loadcell. Loadcells, which are sensitive weighing products that provide digital weighing, ensure correct weighing. If the weighing process is not done correctly, it will produce poor quality and unstandardized concrete, and this will cause you to lose from production.

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