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The laying block machine, also known as the walking block machines, produces blocks by transferring the prepared block mortar to the block molds and compressing it with hydraulic and vibration. It moves by leaving the block on the concrete floor and continues a new production cycle.

Laying Block Machine Types There are 3 different types of movable block machines, 4, 6, and 8.

These machines can produce different types of products such as filled block, 3-compartment block, 2-compartment block and borders. It is necessary to use different molds to produce different types of products.

Advantages of egg laying (walking) block machine; There is no need for pallets in block production. The advantage of the  that since the production is produced in the factory area, a larger production area is required compared to the fixed machines.

The block molds used in the machine are made of st52 special sheets against wear.

The main chassis of the machines consists of A1 quality steel. The hydraulic system is Italian or German, the electrical panel is German vibrators are special production vibrators produced within our company. Vibrators are specially produced for harsh conditions.

Our company gives a 2-year guarantee on the machines it produces. Our assembly team does the installation of the machines it produces and provides training to the buyer company personnel and provides all kinds of support on the machine.

Please contact us to learn about the prices of the egg laying block machine and to buy it. Our company’s technical support and marketing team will always help you in every way.

Benzer Haberler