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20 Eylül 2021 Concrete Block Machine Manufacturer

When you search for Concrete Block machine manufacturers, the first company you come across is always İbar Makina. Although our company has many domestic and international references, it gives priority to customer satisfaction in the machines we produce.

Our company, which started our production in 1978 with a manual block machine, today’s machine types that we produce as concrete Block machine in 2021; Fully automatic concrete block machines, semi-automatic concrete block machines, walking (egg laying) concrete block machines and manual concrete block machines.

Our company, which always considers delivering the best quality to our customers at the most affordable price in the machines we produce, is always one step ahead among the Concrete Block machine manufacturers with this feature.

As a concrete block  machine manufacturer, we have CE, ISO 9001, ISO 15001 and ISO 45001 international certificates. We provide a 2-year factory warranty for the machines you have purchased. At the same time, you can obtain spare parts from our company for 10 years without separating the machine model.

In order to get information about the machines we produce and reach us, please fill out the WhatsApp button on our website or fill out the form to get a quote. We are committed to responding to you as quickly as possible.


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