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20 Eylül 2021 Concrete Pipe Machine Prices

Concrete pipe machine prices, which are used in the production of concrete pipes used especially underground, vary according to performance, capacity, and features. Concrete pipes in the system work with machine automation with mm intensity adjustment feature; they are produced in the desired size and length. Concrete pipe machines used in many construction sectors are ideal for making productions that comply with world standards.


Guaranteed Underground Use Without Damage

The concrete pipes, which are produced with the guarantee of use without damaging the ground for many years, do not cause problems in terms of length, since they are produced as interlocking. It neither takes substances from the outside nor leaks out; It is produced by all kinds of cold and hot weather. A concrete pipe machine is very advantageous in terms of price, and it does not require manpower and labor costs due to being fully automatic or semi-automatic.

Concrete Pipe Machine Prices; More Production with Less manpower

While it is sufficient for 3 staff to work in the semi-automatic concrete pipe machine, the number of workers to be employed in the fully automatic concrete machine is two; This number positively affects the costs and expenses of the companies. The subjects taken into consideration about concrete pipe machine prices are one-day production capacity, production performance, and the characteristics of the machine. Those who need and want to buy a concrete pipe machine must determine the pipe diameter, length, and daily production capacity.

Concrete Pipe Machine Prices Are Variable

CPM 1600 PRO Concrete machine, which produces concrete pipes of 2500 mm in length from 300 mm to 1600 mm in diameter, draws attention with its strong body structure and 30 percent more performance. Again, the CPM 1400 Pro concrete pipe machine, with a production capacity of 2500 mm concrete pipes in length from 300 mm to 1400 mm; is among the most preferred concrete pipe machines of our company.

The Safest Company in the Industry

In addition, as Ibar Makine, the safest company in the sector in Turkey, our machines selected among the concrete machines we manufacture are CPM 1600 concrete pipe machine, CPM 1400 concrete pipe machine, and CPM 800 concrete pipe machine. While the CPM 1600 concrete pipe machine produces 2000 mm concrete from 300 mm to 1600 mm in length, the CPM 1400 concrete machine produces 2000 mm concrete pipes from 300 mm to 1400 mm. CPM 800 concrete pipe machine, on the other hand, has a production capacity of 1500 concrete pipes from 150 mm to 800 mm. You can call us for more information about concrete pipe machine prices.

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