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CPM1600 400 1600mm Beton Boru Makinası
CPM1600 1600mm Beton Boru makinası
400-1600mm Beton Boru makinası

CPM1600 300-1600mm Concrete pipe Machine

We produce concrete pipes with the width ranging between 300mm and 1600mm and the length ranging between 1500mm to 2500mm in accordance with the demand of our customers. The double or triple products are produced in accordance with the demand of customers.

CPM1600 General Information

  • Construction (Main Body) :
    • The main chassis of our machine is produced from steel with high strength. It is much heavier, long-lasting and durable than the equivalent machines on the market with its strong body structure.

    Vibrator System :

    • In our machine, liquid oil vibrator system is used. Thanks to our special cooling system in our machine, smooth and serial operation is ensured. Thus it is aimed to get the highest efficiency from our machine. Bearings that are resistant to high revolving speed and high temperature are used in vibrators.The vibrator power adjustment is done VARIABLE on the control panel on request. That provides time and manpower savings for the customer.(There is absolutely no need to dismantle the vibrator from the machine for adjustment.)

    Electric and Control Panel :

    • The control panel of our machine is designed with the intent of ease the use for the operator. All of the materials used in the panel are made by SCHNEIDER (German).It is ossible to adjust easily over to control panel the tempature of the hydraulic unit, oil level and vibrator power.Thus , The work, labor and time losses are prevented.

    Hydraulic System :

    • The hydraulic system of our machines is tested absolutely before getting it ready for assembly and then assembled to the machine. There is a separate cooling system for hydraulic system. Thanks to the hydraulic cooling system, it is ensured that there is no loss at work efficiency at all. You will surely get the same speed and same efficiency with the machine at your very first minute and 12 hours later.
    • The hydraulic pistons that are used in our machines are processed in CNC machines. Thus they are long-lasting, durable and appropriate for heavy-duty.

    Bunker And Mortar Dispenser :

    • There is a mortar bucket with the volume of 1.5 m3 on the machine. It has been designed to discharge the mortar, in the mortar distribution vehicle, to the molds homogenized and as quick as possible, so the highest rate of possible efficiency has been aimed.

     Security And Sensor : 

    • Our machine is equipped with sensors and switches conformed to the health and safety at work. The operation sequences are adjusted with sensors so as to minimize the accidents caused by the operators. The security measures are ensured by installing steel covers over moving parts found around the machine. The machine well as well as other various points are equipped with EMERGENCY STOP button.

     Product Transportation & Steam Curing : 

    • The products produced with our machine  the taken with trolley. This trolley is made of steel with appropriate strength and lightness. Pneumatic type tires are used in order to carry the product to the field without any trouble. Carrying baskets are also delivered with the trolley. The diameter over Ø 150mm and Ø 200mm can also be transported with forklift with regards to the production speed.