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20 Eylül 2021 I want to establish a Concrete Block Factory

In this article, for those who want to establish a concrete block factory, how to set up a concrete block factory? What is the cost of the concrete block? We will answer your questions.

Factors to consider when calculating the cost to establish a concrete block Factory, the size of the land where the factory will be established and the m2 price, the pricing of the concrete block batching plants, and semi-automatic mixers to be used in the factory are among these factors.


It is the concrete block machine that you will get the most cost while establishing a concrete block factory. You must first decide whether you want to buy a new concrete block machine or a second-hand concrete block machine when establishing the factory. Because there are serious differences between new machines and second-hand concrete block machines, especially in machines working in the concrete sector. You can get information about concrete block machine prices by clicking the link on the side.

If you need to calculate the most suitable concrete block factory cost, you need a 4-pack concrete block machine to produce 4000 pieces of 200x400x200mm concrete block per day. For this machine, a total area of ​​2500m2, including the stock area and the machine installation area, is required. At least 800m2 of this area should be concrete.

You can contact us to establish a concrete block factory and to get detailed information about the concrete block machine.

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