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Semi Automatic Concrete Block Machine

The concrete block machines controlled by the operator through the control panel are called semi-automatic concrete block machines.

Automatic concrete block machine has double bucket and single bucket models. In addition to concrete blocks, double-layer or colored interlocking paving stones can be produced in double bucket models.

Semi-automatic concrete block machines are divided into different models according to their production capacity.

While there are models that can produce 4, 8 and 10 concrete blocks in single bucket models,

there are models that can produce 4 Concrete blocks, 12 Interlocking Paving stones, 8 Concrete blocks, 20 (0.5 m2) Interlocking Paving stones, 10 Concrete blocks, 25 (0.6 m2) Interlocking Paving stones in double bucket models.

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There is quite a lot of demand for semi-automatic Concrete block machines in Africa.

Among our references, you can see the countries we export to and contact us for more information.

Semi-Automatic Concrete Block Machine Features

It is designed to be the easiest and fastest to use for the operator.

Production capacity 100-120 pallets per hour

Minimum production height 5 cm, Maximum production height 30 cm

Hydraulic unit: Made in Italy

Electric Unit: Made in Germany

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Full Automatic Concrete Block Machine

Fully automatic concrete block machine, which operates in connection with computer automation, can perform all operations on its own with computer management. Thanks to the automatic control panels providing high performance, it will ensure the continuity of rapid concrete block production. It has been designed as fully automatic systems for large enterprises to require minimum level of manpower.

Fully Automatic Concrete Block Machine Features

Fully automatic concrete block machines, which enable rapid production of briquettes that can be made with sand, gravel, pumice and cement, operate with computer automation. The machine is designed to require minimum manpower and performs the task of removing the mold in a short time with its vibration and pressure functions.

  • The machine manufactures rapidly with high performance.
  • With minimal manpower, it operates through computer control.
  • It has an electrical infrastructure.
  • The machine’s daily briquette production is at the highest level.
  • It is capable of producing briquettes 5 cm to 35 cm in length.
  • It can produce 15.000 concrete blocks in 8 hours.


Advantages of Fully Automatic Concrete Block Machine

Besides having high performance production potential, it does not require manpower. The machine, which performs operations through computer control, has an ideal performance for fast production. By manufacturing without physical assistance, it will accelerate production but also give warning in case of running out of mortar, so that you will not need to employ more personnel. While fully automatic concrete block machine can produce fifteen thousand briquettes in 8 hours, it also offers 8 to 10 different mold options. The machine, which will only require to change the mold to perform these operations, is powered by electricity and provides high performance in production by requiring a minimum degree of manual processing.

Fully Automatic Interlocking Paving Stone Machine Maximum Performance

 Fully automatic briquette machines and interlocking paving stone machines, by which you can produce more concrete blocks with fewer personnel, will also allow you to find spare parts easily, so that you do not slow down your production. It is designed to provide maximum efficiency thanks to its high performance that enable the production of thousands of paving stones within 8 hours of operation. By offering ease of production and transport, it provides with the opportunity of modern technology.

Fully Automatic Concrete Block Machine Prices

Fully automatic concrete block machine price may vary according to brand and performance features. It would be much more ideal for an economical use compared to manual machines. You can make price/performance evaluations between second-hand and new models for the fully automatic concrete block machine and choose the most ideal option for your factory.

Fully automatic concrete block machine Concrete block collection robot

Fully Automatic Second-Hand Models

Automatic concrete block machine is preferred in many production areas as it provides high performance. Our company does not have second-hand fully automatic concrete block machine models. Being durable and long-lasting machines, they are designed to contribute to your production speed without losing much time compared to the years of operation.

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Manual Concrete Block Machine

anual briquette machine, also called as handmade briquette machine is a type of human powered briquette machine, ideal for small businesses and small municipalities. The manual briquette machine with daily capacity of 800-1000 units is a functional machine that produces briquettes in sizes of 20 x 40 x 20 cm.

Mostly, semi-automatic briquette machines are also called manual briquette machines. If you are looking for a semi-automatic briquette machine, you can check our briquette machine models at the link below.


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Manual concrete block machine, which works with vibration and pressure compression logic, is a machine where briquettes of different sizes are produced with mold change. It meets an extremely important need in the sector by producing durable concrete blocks. It produces durable concrete blocks by compressing the mortar made of gravel, cement and sand with vibration and pressure. Concrete block molds are manufactured from steel material with high wear resistance and have a long service life. It is easy to maintain and comfortable to use with the high performance vibrator feature. It responds to the needs in the most effective way by producing concrete blocks of different sizes for different purposes with mold change.

Second-Hand Manual Concrete Block Machine

The second-hand manual concrete block machines, which are offered at extremely affordable prices compared to a new concrete block machine, are as robust, functional and long lasting machines as the new ones. It is extremely comfortable for an operator to work with a second-hand manual concrete block machine, for which an area of 300 m² is sufficient to operate. In the need of handmade or manual concrete block machines, second-hand machines are highly preferred with their affordable prices. It is the choice of small businesses and small municipalities with a mold time of 45 seconds and a production capacity of 800-1000 pieces.

Manual Concrete Block Machine For Sale

Those looking for manual concrete block machines for sale, prefer second-hand manual concrete block machine types. Second-hand manual concrete block machine for sale, with main machine dimensions of 1350 mm x 1300 mm x 1650 mm, is offered with single-phase or three-phase options according to the needs. A second-hand manual concrete block machine for sale, which operates together with several operators who are involved in filling molds with mortar, produces durable concrete block by bringing the moving upper mold onto the tooth mold via the operator and applying press after vibration. After pressing, the arm is lifted and the briquettes are removed from the mold. Today, where different types of manual concrete block machine for sale are put into service, second-hand concrete block machines, which are offered at much more affordable prices, are much more preferred than the new ones.

Manual Concrete Block Machine Price

Compared to brand new concrete block machines, manual concrete block machine price is more affordable, and this makes it more preferable. Since it has a manpower-based operation system, the production cost is lower and the price of manual concrete block machine is more affordable. Its daily production capacity is lower than the semi-automatic concrete block machines and is geared towards the needs of small businesses and municipalities. The price of the manual concrete block machine that produces 2 and 4 blocks is different, and you need to call the supplier company for price information and get detailed information. The prices of manual concrete block machines, which have different working times and capacity, also vary according to their specifications. Also, different sizes of fields are needed for installation and storage areas. Manual concrete block machines, which produce the same quality and quantity in each press, are offered to customers at different prices depending on whether they are brand new or used.

Functional and Economic Manual Concrete Block Machine

Manual briquette machines, in which concrete block is produced in different sizes with mold change, are durable and functional machines that do not require maintenance for a long time. Their daily production capacities, machine dimensions and required working fields are different, and they have many varieties. The working logic of manual concrete block machines, whose number of concrete blocks produced in a single press change, is the same. It is the choice of small enterprises and municipalities with its advantages and disadvantages compared to semi-automatic concrete block machines. As high-performance machines that are easy to use, durable and efficient, they are popular in the production of concrete blocks. There is no disadvantage other than the time loss that will be experienced until it is adapted to due to the manpower based working system. The fact that it does not require maintenance and repair for a long time is a great advantage in terms of costs. Considering the installation cost and price, second-hand manual concrete block machines are much more advantageous. It has an important place in the sector as a functional machine where different products are produced using many different molds.

Customer needs are observed in new or used manual concrete block machines for sale, and manual concrete block machines using single or three phase voltage meet all needs.

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Concrete Block machine senegal

Concrete block machine installation – Senegal

We have completed the test, production and delivery in Senegal where we installed a Concrete Block Machine.   

Cbm 25-2 concrete block machine produces 25 interlocking paving stones in one press as well as 10 pieces of 200 mm (20 cm) Concrete Blocks. 

It can produce Filler Blocks, Paving Stones, Curbs, Rain Gutters, Grasscretes or products of special sizes you request by using different molds.

İbar Makina, one of the leading companies in the production of concrete block machines, is proud to include Senegal among the countries we export to.  

Please contact us for your other concrete block machine, interlocking paving stone machine needs, or check our concrete block machine page,  

İbar Makina produces manual concrete block machine, half automatic concrete block machine, fully automatic concrete block machine and concrete plants and concrete mixers that will work with these machines and offers turnkey concrete block factory solutions to its customers,

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Used Concrete Block Machine

Concrete block machines, one of the most used machines in the building industry, are functional machines with varieties according to the size of the concrete blocks they produce. Concrete block machines produced according to the manufacturer’s request have different production capacities with their manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic types. Our company, which has been among the first choices in the supply of new and used concrete block machines since 1978, always attaches great importance to customer satisfaction with the most affordable concrete block machine prices and the best quality concrete block models. 

Used Concrete Block Machine

Our company, which offers a quality and reliable service with its nearly new second-hand concrete block machines, has made a distinguished name for itself with its second-hand concrete block machine prices. Those who bought second-hand briquette machines with different production capacities have been using their briquette machines for many years without any problems.

Second-hand concrete block machines with one chamber and two chambers are highly preferred as machines that cater to customer demands and needs. You can contact our company for the most suitable and quality second-hand concrete block machines and have briquette machines that meet your needs in the most effective way without straining your budget.

Sales of Concrete Block Machine


Our company, which has always been among the first choices with its high quality briquette machine production in international standards, continues to be the leader in the sector with its latest technology concrete block machine types. Briquette machines with heavy duty special hydraulic piston system meet the needs at a high level with their single and double cement bag capacity types and production capacities. Concrete blocks with raw materials of cement and sand can be produced in different ways through interchangeable molds. You can choose one of the new or second-hand briquette machines for the production of briquette, which is one of the most preferred materials as a solid construction element, and contact our company for concrete block machine prices  and get detailed information.

Used Manuel Concrete Block Machine Prices

Prices of second-hand concrete block machines, which are much more economical than new concrete block machines, are quite suitable for those who want to have concrete block machines that are almost like new. Prices for concrete block machines, which vary according to daily production capacity, also vary according to capacity. Used briquette machines suitable for every budget are machines designed in different capacities and sizes. High performance and comfortable-to-use second-hand concrete block machines are the preferred functional machines for the production of water and sound proof, durable and fireproof concrete blocks.

Semi-automatic concrete block machines are recommended for 3.000-10.000 daily concrete block production needs and fully automatic concrete block machines are recommended for production needs over 10.000. You do not need to look elsewhere for second-hand fully automatic or semi-automatic concrete block machines. Our company, which is known for its domestic and international briquette sales service, is the leading company in the sector where you will buy quality and reliable second-hand concrete block machines at the most affordable prices.

The Address for Second-Hand Concrete Block Machines

If you are looking for a reliable address for second-hand concrete block machines in capacities that vary according to daily concrete block production needs of your customers, contact our company. We offer nearly new second-hand concrete block machines to our customers at prices that vary according to daily production capacity, whether they are manual, semi and fully automatic. Our company, which has been serving in the sector for years, is distinguished from its competitors with its domestic and international reliable services.

If you want to buy a new or second-hand concrete block machine from the industry’s most trusted company having strong references, you can contact us. Our company, which does not compromise on quality, is a professional company that always works aiming at customer satisfaction. You can have new concrete block machines produced in international standards with the latest technologies or almost new concrete block machines at the most affordable prices.

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Concrete Block Plant

I want to establish a Concrete Block Plant

In this article, we will answer the questions “How to establish a concrete block plant?”    and “What is the cost of a concrete block plant?”.

Factors you should consider when calculating the cost to establish a concrete block plant include the land size and the m2 price of the land where the plant will be established, the pricing of the concrete block machine you will buy according to the daily production capacity, and the prices of auxiliary equipment other than the machines such as forklifts, concrete plants and semi-automatic concrete mixers to be used in the factory.

The highest cost when setting up a concrete block factory belongs to the concrete block machine. When establishing the factory, you need to decide whether you want to buy a new concrete block machine or a second-hand concrete block machine. Because there are significant differences between new and second-hand concrete block machines, especially the ones operating in the concrete sector. You can get information about concrete block machine prices by clicking on the link on the side.  

When the most suitable concrete block factory cost is calculated, you need 4 concrete block machines to produce 4000 pieces of 200 x 400 x 200 mm concrete per day. A total area of 2500 m2 is required for this machine, including stock area, and machine installation area. At least 800 m2 of this area should be concrete. It is not compulsory to have the roof covered, but we recommend that you close the top of the machine.

You can contact us to set up a concrete factory and get detailed information about the concrete block machines.

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Concrete Block Machine Price

The concrete block machine prices, which are needed while researching the cost of the concrete block plant, have a wide range. Block machines have various prices depending on the number of daily productions and the form of automation.

The concrete block machines with the most reasonable prices are the briquette machines that can produce 4 20x40x20cm briquettes in one press. The plant with the lowest cost for briquette production can be installed with a conveyor belt and mixer next to the CB4 Briquette machine. This plant can produce 4000 – 5000 briquettes on average per day.

To give an example for single-aggregate production, the concrete block machine is frequently used for manufacturing the products such as briquettes, hollow blocks and downspouts. For the products with a need for two-aggregate production such as interlocking paving stones, the Paving Stone Machine with two hoppers is preferred.

The most affordable two-hopper concrete block machine is the CBM12 briquette machine that can produce 4 briquettes and 12 paving stones in one press.

Factors affecting the prices of concrete block machines

1- Daily production capacity

2- Automation system (manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic)

3- Mixer system for the machine (force concrete mixer, concrete plant, fully automatic concrete plant)

4- Optional equipment to be bought with the machine: stacking robot, stone collecting robot, finger car system

In concrete block machine manufacturing, our company aims at delivering machines with the highest quality and most reasonable prices to its customers, always by paying attention to customer satisfaction.

Our company is among the leading companies of Turkey when it comes to manufacturing fully automatic concrete block machines, semi-automatic concrete block machines and manual concrete block machines. We are one step ahead of other companies with the 2-year warranty, spare part and support services we provide for the machines we manufacture.

Our company, which renders project production and installation services for concrete block machines, is always with you, for all the factories with a capacity, together with the turn-key solutions you need.

In the machines we produce, we have quality certificates at the world standards CE, ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001.

When you want to learn the prices of concrete block machines from our company, we help you in the fastest and best way if you tell us the number of the briquettes you want to produce per day and whether you also want to produce paving stones beside briquettes.

An example of a two-hopper briquette machine plant

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Concrete Block Machine

The concrete block machine is the machine that produces briquettes via vibration and hydraulic compression by preparing briquettes in a mixer and pouring it into molds on the machine. The movements in the machines are generated by the hydraulic and electrical systems.


In concrete block machines, kerb, pumice, hollow, rain gutter, and briquette production, with special dimensions, at the same time, can be made by changing the molds.


Types of Concrete Block Machine

Concrete Block Machines with Single Bunker (Bucket)


They are the machines with a single mortar mixer where a thin mortar section is not used for such products as briquette, hollow block, rain gutter, and thick mortar section is sufficient in production. It takes its name from the single mortar mixer it holds. It is preferred because it is more economical than concrete block machines with a double bucket. It is divided into different models according to its production capacity.


Concrete Block Machines with Double Bunker (Bucket)


These are production machines consisting of two mortar mixers (for thin mortar and thick mortar). The thin mortar section is used to make the surface smooth and colorful in pave stone (cobblestone) production. When producing briquettes, a single mortar mixer is used, and a double mortar mixer is used for when producing pave stone (cobblestone).


Egg Laying Concrete Block Machines


The movable concrete block machine, namely the egg laying concrete block machine, is preferred because there is not any pallet cost compared to unmovable machines. The product, which is normally produced in the concrete block machine, is produced on the ground, and the machine moves forward, a new production cycle is created. Since the machine moves forward by producing briquettes, it is named as the egg-laying concrete block machine.


Why should I choose İBAR MAKİNA while purchasing a concrete block machine?


Having experienced in the production of concrete block machines since 1968, İbar Makina continues its confident and customer satisfaction-oriented works today.


We are the leading company in the sector thanks to the use of high-quality materials and the strong body structure of the machines that we manufacture. The electrical system used in our machines is provided by Schneider, the hydraulic system is Italian, and the bearings used in the vibration system as resistant to special rpm are provided by SKF.


The concrete block machines that we produce are specially designed to operate in the harshest conditions and severe climatic conditions.


İBAR MAKİNA has always stood out with its pre-sales and after-sales support and services for the concrete block machine that it produces. The delivery process of the purchased product is carried out under the supervision of our engineers as from the order date, from field planning in the concrete block plant to the installation and the testing processes.


We aim to make the operation of the machine more efficient by providing the necessary training to the personnel at the factories where we set up the machine. We provide routine service maintenance for the machines that we sell; therefore, we ensure that your concrete block machine operates longer and runs smoothly.

Concrete block machine video:


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