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16 Eylül 2021 Manual Concrete Block Machine

Manual block machine, also known as handmade block machine, is a human-powered block machine and is ideal for small businesses and small municipalities. The manual block machine with a daily capacity of 800-1000 is a functional machine that produces 20 x 40 x 20 block.

Mostly, semi-automatic block machines are also called manual block machines. If you are looking for a semi-automatic block machine, you can check our block machine models from the link below.

In manual block machines, the working principle of the machine is human power. Only the vibration on the machine works with electricity. Vibrator on the machine can work with 220v electricity.

When you buy manual block machines, you also need production pallets for block production. You can buy block production pallets with the assurance of Ibar Makine.

Manual Block Machine

Manual block machine, which works with the logic of compression with vibration and pressure, is the machine that produces block in different sizes with mold change. It responds to an extremely important need in the sector by producing durable block. It produces durable block by vibrating and compressing the mortar made of gravel, cement, sand or pumice. It is made of high wear resistant steel material and has a long service life. It is comfortable to use with its easy-to-maintain, high-performance vibrator feature. It responds to the needs in the most effective way by producing briquettes in different sizes for different purposes with mold change.

Second Hand Manual Block Machine

The second-hand manual block machine, offered at extremely affordable prices compared to a new block machine, is as robust, functional and long-lasting as the new one. It is extremely comfortable for an operator to work with a second-hand manual block machine, for which an area of ​​300 m² is sufficient. In the need of handmade or manual block machines, second-hand machines are preferred quite a lot with their affordable price. It is the choice of small businesses and small municipalities with a molding time of 45 seconds and a production capacity of 800-1000 pieces.

Manual Block Machine For Sale

Those looking for a manual briquette machine for sale prefer second-hand manual block machines. With the main machine dimensions of 1350 mm x 1300 mm x 1650 mm, the manual block machine for sale is offered in single-phase or three-phase varieties according to the needs. Manual briquette machine for sale, which works with a few operators involved in filling the molds with mortar, produces durable block by placing the movable upper mold on the tooth mold by the operator and applying a press after vibration is made. After the press, the arm is lifted and the block are removed from the mold. Today, when different types of manual briquette machines for sale are put into service, second-hand block machines, which are offered at much more affordable prices than new block  machines, are much more preferred.

Manual Block Machine Price

Compared to the new block machines, the price of the manual block machine is more affordable and it is preferred. Since it has a manpower-based working system, the production cost is lower and the price of the manual block machine is more suitable. Its daily production capacity is lower than automatic block machines and it is for the needs of small businesses and municipalities. The price of 2, 4, 6 and 8 manual blocks machines is different, and it is necessary to call the supplier company for price information and get detailed information. The prices of manual block machines, which have different working hours and capacities, also vary according to their features. Areas of different sizes are also needed for the installation and stock area. Manual block machines, which produce the same quality and the same amount in each press, are offered to customers at different prices depending on whether they are new or second-hand.

Functional and Economical Manual Block Machine

Manual block machine, in which block in different sizes are produced by changing the mold, are durable and functional machines that do not require maintenance for a long time. Daily production capacities, machine dimensions and areas required for working are different and there are many types. The working logic of manual block machines, which also changes the number of block produced in a press, is the same. It is the choice of small-scale enterprises and municipalities with its advantages and disadvantages compared to automatic block machines. It is popular in block production as easy to use, durable, efficient and high performance machines. The fact that it does not require maintenance and repair for a long time is a great advantage in terms of costs. Considering the installation cost and price, second-hand manual block machines are much more advantageous. It has an important place in the sector as functional machines in which different products are produced by using many different molds.

Customer needs are taken into account in new or second hand manual block machines for sale, and single or three-phase manual block machines respond to all needs.

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