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What is a Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant, also known as portable concrete batching plant. It is transported by truck on a single chassis. It has a faster installation and commissioning time compared to stationary concrete plants. The production capacity of Mobile Concrete Batching Plants is between 30m3 and 150m3 cubic meters.

Equipment that makes up the Mobile Concrete Batching Plant;

  • Main Chassis
  • Aggregate Bunker
  • Weighing Band
  • Transfer Tape
  • Mixer
  • Cement and Water Weighing Tanks

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Advantages:

  • It can be set up much faster than Stationary Concrete Batching Plants. It can be installed on concrete floor in a short time such as 1-2 days.
  • Its transportation by road is affordable.
  • Easily relocated for different projects.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Prices:

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant prices vary according to the production capacity of the plant. The cement silo capacity you will buy with the plant is one of the factors affecting the prices. We produce mobile concrete Batching plants between 30m3 and 150m3. You can contact us by WhatsApp, mail or direct phone to find out the prices.

Second Hand Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Our company does not have second hand sales. However, we help our customers to find ıt.