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20 Eylül 2021 What is Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

The mobile concrete batching plant, which is used in construction areas and projects, has a fast technology for concrete production. It has a concrete feature obtained from the combination of aggregate and cement and water by using additives. At the same time, it provides a high quality manufacturing system by mixing with a sensitive scale and mixer.

  • How Does a Concrete Batching Plant Work?

    With the developing technology, the mobile concrete batching plant offers a fast usage. With the possibility of mobile use, the production of fixed concrete has been transformed into a mobile form, and thus, concrete production has begun in the construction area. The plant, which consists of 3 units, can perform the concrete production chamber, mixer and casting operations at the same time. This mechanism, which works on a mobile chassis, provides a fast reinforcement process by being transported by a truck tractor.

    Concrete, which forms the foundations of construction, is one of the materials that cause the most disruption in construction works. For this, mobile concrete machines that can be used in the construction field open the doors of a great saving in terms of money and time to companies.

    What are the Concrete Batching Plant Features?

    The mobile concrete batching plant with water scale and chemical additive scale provides a homogeneous distribution from the mixture of aggregate weighing conveyor, cement scale and water. These units, which have a professional use and advantageous production, work automatically. The established power plant can be used by road shipment.

    It works through the main unit and can control all computer systems.
    It provides homogeneous distribution and mixing of substances.
    The transportation system is very easy, the control cabinet can be folded to take shape suitable for transportation.
    The cement silo works together with its auger and silo filter.
    It has a 2nd type aggregate pre-feeding system.
    There is a linear type aggregate hopper with 4 compartments.
    It works on electricity, water and pneumatic installations.
    By positioning it on concrete and flat places, easy transfer is provided.
    It works with PLC systems and operator.

Why Should a Mobile Concrete Batching Plant be used?

Mobile plants, which are much more advantageous than the fixed concrete batching plant, provide an easy installation and can switch to rapid production by distributing the basic needs of concrete homogeneously. These systems, which are profitable both in terms of time and money, are placed on a flat ground in large construction projects, ensuring close contact with the construction. The main unit, which is transported with 1 truck tractor, can be easily transported and enables concrete transportation in a short time.

The construction will be established in or near the project area, and it will allow the concrete need to be met immediately with rapid production. These systems, which have a durable chassis, can be disassembled and used by replacing them easily. In addition to providing ease of transportation and transportation, it will be easily supplied to many construction sites without obtaining permission, and will enable you to carry out your transactions in an advantageous way.

Fully Automatic Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Fully automatic systems with mobile aggregate pre-feeding systems do not need much labor by pre-feeding through the cement helix and silo filter. These systems, which have PLC controls, are prepared to be filled over the steel aggregate loading ramp by producing dynamically throughout the day. The main unit has an open load-bearing feature and has a working discipline in accordance with European Highway standards. Quick and easy concrete production can be achieved through these systems, which can be easily transferred with the help of a truck tractor, and concrete transport operations can be achieved in a short time.

Mobile Concrete Production Plant Prices

Concrete batching plants, which have SCADA-based concrete production software, operate over PLC systems. With its high weighing precision, it does not allow the use of excess material, it provides an economical operation and allows you to make a profit. It has advanced technology by making a homogeneous mixture of substances. The prices of mobile switchboard systems will be quite affordable according to the advantages of using them, and at the same time, it will speed up your business. Mobile systems can be installed quickly within 7 to 9 days and can start fast production.

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