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20 Eylül 2021 Second Hand Concrete Block Machine

Second-hand Concrete Block machines are block facilities that are more economically established when the factory cost is taken into account. It is important to find second-hand block machines suitable for your production plan. Although it seems to be more risky than new machines, it will benefit you as an investment cost when clean second-hand machines are available.

Our company does not sell second hand concrete blcok machines. However, we help our customers to sell them in line with the knowledge of the machines that our old customers want to sell.

There are some points that you should pay attention to when buying a second hand briquette machine. These features are

Production year of the machine you want to buy
Machine brand
Condition of main chassis and moving parts
The electrical and hydraulic units are in working condition.
Condition of pistons
Bearing unit of the machine

Considering the above features, a second-hand concrete block machine should be purchased. In some cases, the second-hand machine you will buy is more costly than the new machines.

When you buy a second hand block machine, you need to have it installed by yourself or by an outside team. This does not apply to zero concrete block machines. In the brand new block machine that you will buy in our company, a turnkey machine is installed, tested, operated and delivered to you.

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