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16 Eylül 2021 Semi-Automatic Concrete Block machine

The Concrete block machines that the operator controls all the movements of the machine through the control panel are called semi-automatic block machines.

There are double bucket and single bucket models. In double bucket models, besides blocks, double-layer or colored cobblestones can be produced.

Semi-automatic block machines are divided into different models according to their production capacity.

In single bucket models; 4, 8, 10

In double bucket models; These are the models that can produce 4 piece Block 12 piece paving stone, 8 piece Block 20 piece (0.5m2) Paving stone, 10 piece Block 25 piece (0.6m2) Paving stone.

In addition to semi-automatic block machines, a front pallet stacking robot and a rear pallet  can be purchased for minimum manpower to make production a little more serial. The block stacking robot can stack the products in 8 rows and are transported to the production area by forklift. Stacking robot not only provides easier production but also saves stock area.


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Semi-automatic block machines are generally not preferred much in our country. On the African continent, there is a great demand for these machines.

You can see the countries we export to among our references, and you can contact us for more information.

Half Automatic Block Machine Features

It is designed to be the easiest and fastest to use for the operator.

Production capacity 100-120 pallets per hour

Minimum production height 5cm , Maximum production height 30cm

hydraulic unit Italian

Electrical Unit : German



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