The concrete block machines controlled by the operator through the control panel are called semi-automatic concrete block machines.

Automatic concrete block machine has double bucket and single bucket models. In addition to concrete blocks, double-layer or colored interlocking paving stones can be produced in double bucket models.

Semi-automatic concrete block machines are divided into different models according to their production capacity.

While there are models that can produce 4, 8 and 10 concrete blocks in single bucket models,

there are models that can produce 4 Concrete blocks, 12 Interlocking Paving stones, 8 Concrete blocks, 20 (0.5 m2) Interlocking Paving stones, 10 Concrete blocks, 25 (0.6 m2) Interlocking Paving stones in double bucket models.

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There is quite a lot of demand for semi-automatic Concrete block machines in Africa.

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Semi-Automatic Concrete Block Machine Features

It is designed to be the easiest and fastest to use for the operator.

Production capacity 100-120 pallets per hour

Minimum production height 5 cm, Maximum production height 30 cm

Hydraulic unit: Made in Italy

Electric Unit: Made in Germany