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Adopting the principle of bringing high quality together with its customers at affordable prices in concrete plant production, İBAR MAKİNA manufactures Stationary Concrete Batching Plants, Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, Compact Concrete Batching Plants, Bucket Type Concrete Batching Plants and Construction Site Type Concrete Batching Plants.
Concrete Batching Plant

Having an important place in the construction field, the concrete batching plant provides reinforcement of the concrete to the construction site in a short time. The construction site machines, which are used as ready-mixed concrete systems, provide an ideal performance in small-scale projects, saving cost and time. As construction site type power plants, it will provide an economical usage opportunity.

Compact Concrete Batching Plant Features

Among the features of the compact concrete batching plant, there is the possibility of installation in 1 hour with high mobility. Power plant systems, which have features that will save time and cost in small-scale projects, enable production to be made directly at the construction site. In these systems, where the required concrete can be produced within 1 hour, it has the feature of being installed on the construction site without the need for a concrete foundation.

The concrete batching plant systems, which exhibit an ideal performance in terms of speed and usage, will be installed in a short time and will provide the advantage of use in the construction area. By examining the options of concrete batching plants for sale, you can choose models according to your area of ​​use and speed up the construction project.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Models

Mobile concrete batching plant models provide fast and easy installation, enabling concrete production directly on the construction site. These models, which are used with the tractor trailer helper, are also ideal for relocation with easy installation. It is among the most preferred models with the production of concrete batching plants. Mobile concrete batching plant models will accelerate the production of concrete in the construction field.

Fixed Concrete Batching Plant Models

Fixed models are ideal for high production and feature high volume. Compared to ready-mixed concrete plant models, it is manufactured for use in large projects and offers a wide range of production opportunities in many respects. Although it cannot be installed in the construction area, it is among the models that need to be transported after concrete production.

Concrete Plant Prices

Before taking advantage of the option to buy concrete batching plant, it is necessary to make examinations according to the usage area. There are price differences between ready-made models and portable and fixed models. While making your preferences according to the construction project for the production and use of concrete, you can also examine the performance characteristics according to the small and large-scale usage area.