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We have been bringing experience and technology together in the production of Concrete Block Machine since 1978. Our company, which produces Automatic Block Machine, Half Automatic Block Machine, exports to 30 different countries. You can examine the machines we produce, and you can contact us for machine prices.

The machine that produces block with vibration and press by pouring the block mortar prepared by mixing sand, gravel, cement and water in a mixer mixer is called a block machine.

Machines are divided into 3 different groups according to the automation system.


  • Fully Automatic Block Machine
  • Half Automatic Block Machine
  • Manual Block Machine

We can diversify it into 2 different types as fixed and walking (laying) machine groups according to the production method.

It would be more correct for our customers who want to produce locked paving stones together with block to prefer double bucket machines. Although cobblestone production in double bucket machines is of better quality, it can be made in color production.

By changing the mold in the machines, many different block and paving stones can be produced.


Fully Automatic Block Machines are machines that make all movements in the machine with sensors over the PLC system. It ensures that you get maximum efficiency in the production of machines that minimize the manpower.

To get the best efficiency from a fully automatic facility, you need an automatic concrete mixer, concrete batching plant. With an automatic facility, you can produce 10,000 to 18,000 lock in 8 hours per day.

Fully Automatic block machine equipment mainly

  • Fully automatic block machine
  • Front Block Stacking robot
  • Block Collecting robot
  • Automatic Mixer


Semi-Automatic Block Machines are machines in which an operator controls the machine through the control panel. These are the types of machines preferred by our customers who want to establish a block factory at low cost.

You can put an automatic concrete batching plant or a semi-automatic mixer behind the machine. The most preferred facility model is;

  • Semi automatic block machine
  • Mixer
  • Aggregate Bunker
  • Aggregate conveyor belt
  • Concrete conveyor belt

Depending on the types of semi-automatic block machines, it has different models that can produce between 4,000 and 10,000 blocks. If more production is aimed, automatic machines should be preferred.


They are machines that can produce a maximum of 1000 Blocks per day. Except for vibration, all movements in the machine are made mechanically by human power. The biggest advantage is that it can be easily carried mobile and can work with 220v electricity.


They are the machines that are produced on a fixed floor without the need for a production pallet during the Block Production. The production amount is less since the cycle time is longer than the stationary machines.

How Does the Block Machine Work?

The block production mortar is prepared in the concrete mixer and transferred to the machine with the concrete transport system. The mortar in the machine is poured into the block mold and takes the shape of the mold. The product is produced by compressing the mortar in the block mold with a vibrator and high pressure. The block produced are taken to the stock area and dried. The next day, the block produced are collected from the production pallets and the production cycle is resumed from the beginning.

Concrete Block  Machine Prices

Concrete Block  machine prices vary according to the daily production amount of the machine, the automation system and optional side parts. Our most suitable machine is block master 4, our machine with a daily production capacity of 4000 pieces. Our most expensive machine is our model, which is CBM 25 PRO.

Second Hand Block Machine

Our company does not sell second machines. However, we announce our machines on sale on our social media pages to help our customers who want to sell their machines. Please contact our social media channels to purchase a block machine from its owner.