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Paving Stone Machine

Paving Stone Machine Manufacturer Company
40 years of experience since 1978
Use of high-end parts
Italian & German Hydraulic System
Siemens & Schneider Electrical System
High Quality Low Price

IBAR Machine Cobblestone Machine is also known as an interlocking paving stone machine or a paving stone production machine.

Paving Stone machines can also be called as a Cobblestone machine.

Our paving stone machine models are Cbm 20-2 , Cbm 25-2, Cbm 20 Pro, CBM 25 Problem, CBM 36 Pro. To learn the prices of paving stone machines, please contact us via WhatsApp, e-mail or directly by phone. The IBAR paving stone machine price offer is given with all the technical details, individual part names and paving stone machine production capacity.

IBAR Paving Stone Machine produces all interlocking paving stone models, Block, and borders. To make these productions, you only need to change the molds on the machine. Our Cobblestone machines can meet all your production needs.

IBAR Paving Stone Machinery is one of the biggest cobblestone machine manufacturers in Turkey with its experience of over 40 years. The machine export we have made to 30 different countries is the official proof of this. We provide full support in terms of training and technical support during the installation of the paving stone machine.