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20 Eylül 2021 Concrete Block Machine Buying Guide

In this article, we will give you all the information you need to pay attention to when buying a Concrete Block machine, and to choose the right block machine for your needs.

Concrete Block is of great importance for the Construction Industry in many parts of the world. Block machines use very advanced technology for the production of block. However, there are many kinds of block machines. When you decide to establish a block  factory, you should decide on the right one of these machines. For example, Full automatic block machine, Half automatic block  machine, Manual block machine, Walking (egg-laying block machine).

When you decide to buy a block  machine, first determine the daily production need. It will be the right decision to choose a machine in accordance with this need. Block machines are available in the machine that produces 1000 block per day, in the machine that produces 20,000 block per day.

After deciding on daily production, the right company is very important in this regard. As İBAR MAKİNA, we provide 2 years of fabrication guarantee on the machines we produce and we have been serving this sector with the machines we have produced since 1968.

Machine automation is very important for production. While fully automatic and semi-automatic machines are preferred in Turkey, semi-automatic machines are preferred in Africa.

If we want to produce locked concrete paving stones together with the block machine, our machine must be double chambered. Because double aggregate is needed for the production of the highest quality interlocking paving stone.

The selection of Block Molds is very important when purchasing a block machine. You need to know which block are sold in your country and you should choose block molds accordingly. Do not forget that which molds you use in the block machines, you can produce those products.

The mortar system is also important with the block machine. If we want a minimum number of manpower in production, we can choose a fully automatic mortar feeding system. As İBAR MAKİNA, we produce fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual concrete preparation systems.

When we consider the above features while purchasing a block machine, we will make the right choice. If you have any questions about the selection, contact us and our sales team will always help you for the right machine.

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