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9 Ekim 2021 Semi Automatic Paved Stones Machine

Semi-Automatic Paving Stone Machines are double chamber (double bucket) machines in which interlocking paving stones are produced with hydraulic system. It is necessary for one person to use the machine continuously. For the production of the highest quality paving stone, the machine must have a double hopper. The first hopper is required for the  (thick) mortar produced in the machine, and the second one is necessary for the smooth surface on the cobblestone. At the same time, colored paving stones can be produced in a two-hopper machine.

Equipment constituting the semi-automatic paving stone machine;

Semi-Automatic Paving Stone Machine
Conveyor Band
Product Trolley

Half Automatic Paving Stone Machine Prices

Semi-automatic paving stone machine prices may vary depending on the equipment you will buy with the machine. Factors affecting the price of the machine

Front Stacking Robot
Pallet decoyer
stone collecting robot
aggregate hopper
Automatic Weighing Systems for Mixer

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