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20 Eylül 2021 Fully Automatic Concrete Block Machine

The fully automatic block machine, which operates depending on computer automation, can perform all operations by itself with computer management. Thanks to the automatic control panels that provide high performance, it will quickly ensure the continuity of briquette production. It has been designed as fully automatic systems for large enterprises and has been designed to require minimum human power.

Fully Automatic Concrete Block Machine Features

Fully automatic Concrete Block machines, which allow the rapid production of blocks  that can be made with sand, gravel, pumice and cement, work with computer automation. The machine has been designed to require minimum human power, and it fulfills the task of removing molds in a short time with vibration and pressure functions.

It produces quickly with high performance.
It works via computer control with minimum human power.
It has electrical infrastructure.
Daily briquette production is at the maximum level.
It can produce from 5 cm to 35 cm.
It can produce 15,000 blocks in 8 hours.

Advantages of Fully Automatic Concrete Block Machine

In addition to having high performance production potential, it does not need manpower. The machine, which performs operations through computer control, exhibits an ideal performance for fast production. By making production without physical assistance, it will speed up the production and at the same time, it will warn you in case of running out of mortar, and it will ensure that you do not need to employ more personnel. The fully automatic concrete block machine can produce fifteen thousand blocks in 8 hours and also offers 8 to 10 different mold options. The machine, in which only mold changing will be sufficient to perform these operations, provides its power electrically and provides high performance in production with minimal need for manual processing.

Fully Automatic Interlock paved  Machine Maximum Performance

Fully automatic machines, with which you can produce a lot of  blocks with less staff, will also allow you to find spare parts easily and ensure that you do not slow down in your production. It has been designed to provide maximum efficiency, thanks to its high performance that can produce thousands of parquet in its 8-hour operation. It offers a modern technology opportunity by offering ease of production and transportation.

Fully Automatic Concrete Blocks Machine Prices

The price of the fully automatic concrete block machine may vary according to the brand and performance features. For an economical use, it will be much more ideal than manual machines. You can evaluate the price performance between second-hand and new models for the sale of fully automatic block machine, and evaluate the most ideal options for your factory.

Fully automatic concrete block machine stacking robot

Fully Automatic Second Hand Models

Automatic concrete block machine is preferred in many production areas as it provides high performance. It is not available for second hand fully automatic concrete block machine models in our company. As durable and long-lasting machines, they are designed in a way that will contribute to your acceleration in production without too much loss according to the working years.

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